Congress in Brief


Believing in the importance of the Medical Insurance and Health Care Management as a key sector in the economy and a major growing business in many Afro-Asian markets, FAIR established the "FAIR Medical Insurance & Health Care Congress".


The vision is to recognize the congress internationally as an authoritative source of knowledge on one of the most global of industries.


I.           Objectives

The Congress is established to be an important voice of the industry; it will

o   be established as a non-profitable association affiliated to FAIR,

o   Act as a technical arm supporting the activities of Medical Insurance & Health Care Management in the local & multinational companies in Afro Asian region.

o   Enhance the awareness and provide technical assistance in the field of Medical & Health Insurance,

o   Build up mutual strong business relationships within the FAIR domain.


II.         Activities

o   Create website with dynamic & interactive activities

o   Organizing an -Annual Conference- to be held in different countries all over the world.

o   Case studies competition in innovative healthcare and health insurance.

o   Circulating periodicals.

o   Provide annual industry awards.

o   Disseminating updated info in the field of health management

o   Cooperate with the companies to develop their technical skills, by organizing many training courses, seminars & workshops.

o   Offer a wide range of sponsorship opportunities to the congress network (through our conferences, exhibitions..).

o   Creating a world wide Data Base.

o   Enhancing the awareness of eHealth, telehealth, medtech, Healthtech, Provide consultation in the implementation of international standards.

o   Enhancing Fraud control awareness.

o   Providing and qualifying for professional accredited certificate (associate/fellow) in medical insurance & health care management.





III.       Structure

The Congress will consist of:

1)         Congress Board of Trustees

a.      Formed of 9:11 members from among the representatives of the international Re/insurance companies, Re/insurance brokers, Medical services providers, and Health & Medical professionals, HMOs / TPAs Societies and / or Chambers.

b.      It will elect its Chairman from among its members for the period of two years.

c.       FAIR Secretary General will be a member of the Congress.

d.      It will hold its meetings, at least once a year in different countries. One of these meetings shall be in the course of the sessions of FAIR Executive Committee.


2)         The Management

a.      The FAIR Central Office will be the coordinator and supervisor of the Congress activities.

b.      The FAIR will host the congress manager office during start-up period.


The Main Duties of the Manager :

o   Draw up an annual progress report, including financials, marketing & initiatives.

o   Take necessary steps to the furtherance of the objectives of the congress.

o   Communicate with the network organizations.

o   Responsible for the daily work in the matters falling within the competence of the congress.

c.       The FAIR Central Office will appoint a -Congress Executive Manager- who will be responsible for managing the congress activities according to the planes and budget approved, and general guidelines set by the Trustees Committee.


IV.   Congress Powers and Responsibilities

The Congress Trustees Committee shall have the following duties and responsibilities:

a.      Determine the general policy and guidelines of the congress

b.      Provide the Executive Manager with the required data & Information

c.       Receive & review the annual report of the Congress.

d.      Approve the financial reports & the budget.

  1. Choose the date & venue in addition to the registration fees of the Conferences and any other activities e.g. seminars, training courses, workshops, etc.


V.        Congress Network:

The Congress will be a platform for exchanging business among all concerned parties. The Congress members will network with:

o    Re/Insurance Companies

o    Re/Insurance Brokers

o    Health care Providers

o    Health & Medical Professionals

o    HMOs

o    TPAs

o    Governments & Health Authorities

o    Medical centres / Institutes/ Clinics, R & D and laboratories.

o    Medical, Biomedical, Pharmaceutical companies.

o    Technology Experts and solution providers.

o    Healthcare Infrastructures Developers.

o    International Aid Agencies & NGOs.


VIII. The congress Annual conference

o   The Congress will organize an annual conference for Medical Insurance & Health Care Management industries.

o   The FAIR Central office and the Trustees Committee will work together closely for the success of the Conference that will be held in different countries all over the world each year